9 Best French Restaurants in New-York City

New York is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse food scene.

Expats Life

New York is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse food scene. However, for fans of French cuisine, there are many restaurants that offer delicious dishes, ranging from classics like escargots and coq au vin to modern creations inspired by French cuisine. If you are an expat looking for a good French restaurant in New York, the Mater app can help you find the best restaurants.Mater is a mobile app designed to help expats find accommodation, meet expats in the same city as them and most importantly, settle into a new city.

In addition to finding hostels, roommates and hostels, the app also offers a selection of restaurants to help travellers discover the local cuisine. To find the best French restaurants in New York via the Mater app, users can enter their location and see the restaurants a theme that best suit their tastes.

Here are some of the best French restaurants in New York that you can discover through the Mater app:

Le Bernardin, NYC

- Le Bernardin - a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers modern French cuisine with Asian influences.Balthazar - a classic French brasserie offering traditional dishes such as moules-frites and croque-monsieur.

Gabriel Kreuther, NYC

- Gabriel Kreuther - a contemporary French gourmet restaurant that uses local ingredients to create refined and innovative dishes.

La Grenouille, NYC

- La Grenouille - a renowned French restaurant that has been in existence for over 50 years and offers traditional French cuisine.

Perrine, NYC

- Perrine - a contemporary French restaurant located in The Pierre, which offers stunning views of Central Park.

Daniel, NYC

- Daniel - a Michelin-starred restaurant run by French chef Daniel Boulud, which offers modern and creative French cuisine.

L'appart, NYC

- L'Appart - a hidden French restaurant in New York's financial district, offering traditional French cuisine in an elegant setting.

Le Coucou, NYC

- Le Coucou - a French brasserie-style restaurant offering classic French dishes such as roast chicken and steak frites.

Marea, NYC

- Marea - a Michelin starred restaurant offering French and Italian cuisine with fresh seafood.

Raoul's, NYX

- Raoul's - a classic French restaurant offering traditional dishes such as escargot and steak tartare.

In summary, if you are an expat looking for a good French restaurant in New York, the Mater app for expats can be a useful tool for finding the best restaurants in the city. From Le Bernardin to Raoul's, there are many restaurants offering delicious and varied French cuisine to suit all tastes.

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